Looking for Marketing   or Advertising tips? Looking for Marketing   or Advertising tips?Hava a great logo with no place to go?

Planning and marketing go hand in hand. A sound marketing plan with carefully devised strategies provides the road map for launching new products and services, creating brand awareness and cementing customer loyalty.

E-mail marketing is one of the most economical ways to stay in front of your customers. You can use it to develop customer loyalty, retention and rewards programs, up-sell or cross-sell your products and services.

When marketing, make sure you stake your claim to a market position and stick to it.

Properly executed advertising communicates your points of differentiation, creates brand image and builds awareness. Words and images are the ingredients forming a magical potion – your message. Express your unique qualities with clarity and force – create a message with impact.

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E-mail Marketing

email_adCreate an e-mail campaign and build your sales.

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Get Media Coverage

BusinessNewsLearn how to get your business in the media.


Media Skills Workshop

Media Skills Workshop - TV interviewPrepare for that radio, print, or TV interview.

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