Media Skills Workshop

Company representatives should applaud and endorse publicity from the media. If your company isn’t getting media coverage, steps should be taken to promote media attention.

This program begins with establishing and maintaining media relationships with reporters, editors and broadcasters that are carefully built and nurtured.

Get this detailed list of what TO do and what NOT TO do –

The goal of a media relations program is to expand awareness of your company. A company spokesperson must become skilled and confident in front of reporters.

When company representatives are called upon to address the media, you in effect become the company.

You will learn how to:
Tackle the interview experience hands-on, including body language, eye contact, the right clothes, responding to questions with assurance whether for print or broadcast.

Features:The media skills workshop includes –
  • Procedures
  • Addressing the Media
  • Dealing With the Media
  • Interview Guidelines
  • A Good Interview
  • Scheduled Interviews
  • Television and Radio Interviews
  • Your Physical Appearance
  • Before You Go On the Air
  • When You Are On the Air
  • Components of the News
  • Features Versus News Stories

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