Business development can be challenging. We can help.Business development can be challenging. We can help.

Business development on is all about developing and keeping customers. Customers are not a given when you have a business. Just because you make something fabulous, doesn’t mean anyone will buy it. In order to develop your business, you must acquire and keep customers.

You need a well-defined marketing strategy. Your strategy will provide you with a road map to create and deliver true value to a select group of customers.

Many confuse marketing strategy with tactics. What we call brand elements. A great logo, clever slogans and well-designed Websites are all key elements in branding and marketing, but each is a supporting element. To be effective, these brand elements must be part of a strategic comprehensive marketing plan.

You must first identify the people you want to direct your marketing efforts towards. No longer can this just be one big group. You must divide your customers by market drivers, including product preferences, purchasing patterns, media habits, demographics, sociographics and psychographics.

Once you’ve defined the optimal target groups, the next step is positioning. Positioning is tough. It involves a powerful message so clear, so succinct that once you start using it, your message must move your customers and prospects toward your brand.

To get you started, we have Branding Basics or Branding 101, Creating a Great Product or Company Name and Transforming Your B2B Brand.Business development can be challenging. We can help.

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