Website Design
We will collaborate with you to create a unique, powerful Website that extends your brand. That’s where our insightful, creative Web design team comes in.
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Search Engine Help
SEO Help
Search engines provide a sense of direction to the Internet and its buried treasure. Ensure your customers and potential customers can find you.
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From skills to handle an interview or crisis situation, we have the tools to manage your public relations to help you increase your company’s credibility and name recognition. [learn more...]
Grow your business with affordable and effective marketing. If no one knows about your company, you’ll never make the profits you want. Marketing can make all the difference. [learn more...]Marketing Idea

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Website Design
Click has affordable Website solutions. Our Website templates are affordable, professionally designed, quick to deliver and easy to visualize for your business. You choose a template and we will customize it with your logo and any color combination you choose. We provide distinctive design and a Website with a unique element.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization is vital to ensure your customers and prospects can find you. Click’s plans include SEO discovery, keyword analysis, analytics report, competitive analysis, incoming links report, search engine saturation summary, content suggestions report, Website design enhancements report. We have several levels of SEO support including basic, standard and deluxe plans.

Website Maintenance & Support
A successful Website requires regular maintenance and support. Click’s plans offer phone support, reduced or eliminated call-in fees, lower hourly rates, immediate application of security patches, database and file backups, new content, custom training materials and same-day response in a matter of hours. We have several levels of Website support including basic, standard and premiere plans.

E-mail Marketing
Click has custom e-mail marketing templates just for you. Creating e-mail campaigns is fast and easy. Custom templates using your logo and tagline with any color combination you choose. Once the template is built, you can add your photos and articles. Select from a basic layout and we will customize it. Comes complete with design and spam testing, detailed reports and e-mail tracking.

Communications and Marketing
A business is useless if no one knows it exists. Promotion can become a matter of life or death for a new small business. Click has simple, less expensive ways for you to get your company name out there such as creating a press kit, guides to an effective corporate image, creating a great company or product name, public relations ideas for recruiting, media skills workshop, transforming your B2B brand, branding basics, branding 101, and crisis communications plan.

Business Development
From business cards to your Website needs, simple business communications templates can be one of the most valuable tools for small businesses when starting out. Click’s business templates can be branded with your logo. Having a professional-looking digital invoice, budget update, fax cover sheet, marketing brief, marketing plan, meeting notes, memorandum and letterhead is fast and inexpensive.

Graphic Design
Click offers digital graphic design services. We offer online solutions that will help you market your business. Strong, simple as possible Websites, e-mail marketing templates and business communications templates. Our digital designs offer consistent brand-building tools, not just in terms of look and feel, but also brand personality and style. First impressions count, corporate identity and branding identity design. Professional design, impactful and consistent graphic design across all materials.

Public Relations
Save time and get a handle on your public relations efforts. With Click’s public relations and e-marketing templates, you can create professional PR campaigns, without the professional fees. Whether you want to promote your company at the local or national level, you can download free, high-quality guides on how to create a media press kit and work with the reporters easily with our media skills workshop.

Free Stuff
Click makes it simple for small businesses to get valuable free information. Free information to develop your brand, build your brand, create company name and sell your stuff.

About Click®
Click, founded in 1998, is a strategic marketing communications company located in Madison, Wisconsin. From big-picture focus to microscopic attention to detail, you get it with Click. From branding, graphic design, Website design and development, communications, public relations, we work hard for small businesses. is our Internet marketing e-commerce business site. "Make it Click" is our slogan. "Business at the speed of a Click" is our marketing tagline.